Irene Robinson


Irene Robinson was born and raised in Bronzeville and has been a parent to youth in the community for over 30 years. Ms. Robinson is parent of 6, and grandparent of 14. She has served as a foster parent for 20 years and is proud of the fact that all of her foster children returned home successfully. She was an active parent at Anthony Overton School and served as an LSC member and parent leader since the 90’s. Ms. Robinson worked with other parents at Overton and Mollison when Overton School was unjustly closed and was recently sold. She is an active LSC member at Mollison and is a proud leader of the Kenwood Oakland Community Organization. Ms. Robinson like scores of others committed hundreds of hours with other Coalition members to complete the Dyett Global Leadership & Green Technology Plan as a member of the Coalition to Revitalize Dyett

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