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No one should have to risk death to be heard. But after years of fighting, this is where community leaders find themselves.


“I never wanted to be in front of a camera. All I wanted was to be part of my kids’ education and be part of the solution. I just wanted to drop my children off and know that they would be educated the way I was. But I found every day that that was far from the reality. I now want children in this city and country to know that there are people out there fighting, willing to go hungry — for them.” Jeanette Taylor-Ramann, hunger striker

Chicago Public Schools pledged to keep Dyett open when they invited proposals for the school last year. But last week, Mayor Emanuel implied that Bronzeville may not need a high school at all. This outrageous reversal is exactly why parents were forced to take this action – and why they need our support now.

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